Spanking Teen Bailey

Spanking Teen Bailey may be reached at and there is as of now one free video clip there that I have jacked off to so many times I have lost count. This is a scene where the “bad teen” gets it but good by the “father figure” who flicks his belt and warns her of what is to come. She is then bent over and slapped with the belt and her panties up, but only for a moment before the underwear comes down. She then gets a lot more discipline on the bare bottom like a real bad daughter and her already red ass just glows. God, but I wish I could have been the one swinging the belt.

One of the hottest spanking clips out there.

Bailey likewise offers a blog, galleries and updates, some of which are free and some of which are for members only .

And there sure is nothing pulled, as can be seen by the welts, marks and redness of her unprotected bottom.

This naughty girl gets it with everything too. The cane, the hand, the paddle, the belt, the wooden spoon. Always with the pants down and often naked she has to bend over or lie on the bed, stretch out across her disciplinarian’s lap or bend over a chair for a bottom blistering.

Another spanking page worth looking into.

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